How Are Mountains Are Useful To Man ? Major Landforms Of The Earth

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The above is a short account of the climate present on the mountains which supplies an summary of what sort of climate to expect at higher altitudes. Touring the Blue Mountains in Australia Located within the rocky region in New South Wales, the Blue Mountains are an attractive sight to behold. On 20th November 2000, it was listed as a World Heritage Area by UNESCO. The mountains are surrounded by lush green eucalyptus forest that supports the mountain’s numerous wildlife.


Finally the Five most well-known mountains of China emerged, i.e. Mount Tai in the east; Mount Huashan in the west; Mount Hengshan in the North; Mount Songshan in the central; and Mount Hengshan within the south. Since then the ‘5 sacred mountains’ have enjoyed a excessive status all through the world, and become the pronouns of famend mountains in China. As Taoists ere particular about tranquility and like to being away from the turmoil of the world, a great number of well-known Taoist mountains, represented by Mount Wudang, emerged as the times demanded. It proves that the well-known religious mountains in China are literally the models of the right combination of China’s natural and cultural legacies.

  1. Finally the Five most well-known mountains of China emerged, i.e.
  2. To be sure that the nation was prosperous and the individuals lived in peace, the emperor of the successive dynasties incessantly held actions to confer feudal titles on mountains.
  3. The first feudal emperor in Chinese history holding a large-scale ceremony to confer a feudal title upon a mountain is Emperor Qin Shihuang, First emperor of the Qin Dynasty.

For occasion, equatorial climates are identified for their sizzling and uncomfortable local weather. Yet, Quito, the capital of Ecuador, which is positioned immediately on the equator has a very pleasant local weather. It has temperature of each month of fifty five F (14 C) whereas the equatorial average is eighty F (27 C). Likewise the hill stations of India and Pakistan were the favorite of the British through the colonial period. Rainfall The mountains obtain abundant rainfall to sustain thick vegetation.

It has many attractions like the Three Sisters and the Giant Stairway. It is a big rock formation that resembles three women standing together. There is native aboriginal legend related to the three rock formations, which talks about three women named Meehi, Wimlah and Gunnedoo. The sisters fell in love with three men from a neighboring tribe. However, because of strict tribal laws, they weren’t allowed to marry those males.


This is because they intercept rain bearing systems and drive the moist air to rise. As the air rises, water vapor in it condenses into water droplets and heavy rain falls. Pressure Pressure falls with top a lot in order that at 18500 feet above sea level, it is decreased to half of the atmospheric pressure found at sea level. Due to very low pressures respiratory issues often begin above 15000 toes and the mountaineers climbing very high peaks like Mount Everest should take oxygen along with them.

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