The 5 Fun Adventurous Tourist Attractions in the United States

There is no doubt North America is very adventurous and fun loving continent. Today, we are going to discuss the fun and adventurous tourist attractions of the United States. Its vast territory and amazing places with beautiful scenes makes it a worth discovering country. From the natural wonders to tall peaks, ice caves, canyons, national parks, and volcanoes, you can unearth each and every thing. Due to these reasons, it is a great country for visitors, explorers, and adventurers. What more could you ask for? You don’t need to wait in the long lines of ticket counter for confirming your tickets because you can book your tickets online with the assistance of Cleartrip discount codeGo and pick this remarkable deal from and also get discount on the fares. This thing helps you save money and you can easily manage your travelling expenditures. Scroll down this page for uncovering the fun adventurous things and make your holiday exciting. 

Take Bath in Hamilton Pool: 

This pool is created due to the collapse of the ground. Today, it is considered as the natural pool and one of the major tourist attractions in the US. It is surrounded with a waterfall, limestone walls, and natural beauty. You can reach to this place after challenging trail. Enjoy a bath and other water-based activities with your family. It also offers various hiking opportunities and picturesque sites. 

Go to Mount St. Helens: 

In 1980, the eruption of volcano devastated this region. It affected thousands of people and creates a horseshoe hollow. Want to see active volcano? This site is suitable and you can see the volcano with the help of helicopter tour. If you are interested in history then it is a must-watch place. You can also find some natural wonders in its surrounding that looks totally unbelievable. 

Ice Caves in the Washington: 

Washington State contains ice caves in the surrounding region of Mount Rainier. It attracts millions of adventurers every year and truly an amazing experience. You can do hiking and trailing and admire the beauty of this place. These caves are really impressive and worth exploring. Check the availability of flights and tickets and don’t forget to use Cleartrip discount code. Grab this wonderful promotion from 

Grand Canyon, Arizona: 

It is another major tourist attraction in Arizona. Nearly 5 million explorers and visitors visit this place every year. It is full of outdoor activities like climbing, hiking, and so on. Its amazing caves and views are totally breathtaking and you can also take the services of a helicopter to discover this site. 

Base jump from Perrine Bridge: 

It is one of the most challenging activities. It is called as the heaven for base jumpers. If you welcome daring and challenging activities, then you must try this jump. Book your flight tickets from your smartphone or tablet with the aid of Cleartrip discount code at reasonable price. This offer is available for customers at 

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